Clear Hair by Wenxin Xu Team/Tutor Tang Jun

Wenxin Xu Team/Tutor Tang Jun Demonstrates The Flexible Comb Clear Hair

Wenxin Xu Team/ Tutor Tang Jun, the lead designer of the displayed work Award Winning Flexible Comb Clear hair says, They found that when people used a comb to comb their hair, some hair will be wrapped around the tentacles of the comb, which is a problem that is difficult to clean up, and not timely cleaning easy to produce dirt and bacteria. To solve this problem, they designed a flexible comb. Before and after the two part of the comb can easily complete the open and merge these two actions. The tentacles of the comb are connected to the rear shell. The hair wrapped around the tentacles will be exposed so that it can easily be swept into the trash can..

Clear Hair by Wenxin Xu Team/Tutor Tang Jun Images:


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