Fallen Bird by Triangles in (e)motion André Verroken

Triangles in (e)motion André Verroken Shows The Fallen Bird Low Table

Triangles in (E)motion André Verroken, the maker of the highlighted work Fallen Bird - Low Table by Triangles in (E)motion André Verroken explicates, Just like Immanuel Kant, I start from an aesthetic idea that give my work its soul. I follow ever my own way: intuitively, emotionally and consciously involved in a specific theme.Triangles in (E)motion is a story who start from a solid geometric shape, a equilateral triangle, the first one which the points of support don't be cut. It distills various forms that can both serve as designs for stools, tables etc. but also be processed into abstract geometric entities which function as visual art .

Fallen Bird by Triangles in (e)motion André Verroken Images:

VIA: http://competition.adesignaward.com/design.php?ID=33282

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